Renting the Regent

No other place can host a gathering quite like the Regent can! Whether it be for meetings, seminars, employee appreciation, local movie premieres, school trips, birthday parties, or even weddings, the Regent provides a truly unique backdrop for your special event.

Show Time
With 205 comfortable seats on the ground floor and another 140 in the balcony, the Regent Theatre can seat up to 345 people. Our state-of-the-art digital projection with HDMI hookup and BluRay/DVD setup allows us to show any movie or personal video of your choice in a private setting. If you want to watch our current running film, cost is an additional $4 per person. Of course, we can also provide quality concessions, including our renowned popcorn, upon request. Cost to rent the theater is $100 per hour. 

Game Time
The Regent Arcade can accomadate up to 38 people, and is outfitted with nine pinball machines ranging in age over seven decades, 3 arcade machines featuring over 50+ classic video games, and three console gaming systems (Atari, Nintendo Entertainment System, and SEGA Genesis) each with a variety of preloaded games. Rental includes free use of all console games and all streaming options on TVs. Cost to rent the arcade is $50 an hour.  

Play Time
This package includes both the Regent Theatre and the Regent Arcade! The theater is available for two (2) hours from 11am-1pm and arcade rental for one (1) hour from 1pm-2pm. Includes all of the above, plus $5 in arcade game play for up to ten (10) guests along with table and chairs set up in the arcade. Cost to rent both the theater and the arcade is $250. 

School-Sanctioned Rentals
Field trips to the Regent Theatre create memories to last a lifetime. All school-sanctioned rentals (teacher supervised, coordinated with administration/staff) include one child size pop and one child size popcorn per student. Additional concessions available at regular price upon request. Cost is $3 per student or $50 flat (whichever is greater).

Packages can be customized within reason to fit your specific party needs. Rental events must not interfere with our regular showtime schedule.

Download a Regent Theatre rental form HERE!

Contact the Regent at 269.673.2737 for questions and inquiries!

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