Chubbie is a rare pre-war flipperless pinball machine. Our version is the novelty variety where a player can earn an extra ball by hitting all fifteen bumpers followed by the special #7 bumper.

Super Star
Super Star is a rock and roll-themed pinball machine sraight from the 1970s. This blast back to the past pinball machine is a groovy electromechanical game with a very rare combination of posts that block both the outlanes and between the flippers to help keep the ball in play. Our machine is the Add-A-Ball version where you can earn unlimited extra balls to extend your game indefinetly. 

World Cup
World Cup was the first in what would become a series of three soccer-themed machines released in tandem with the famous World Cup Soccer Tournament. 

White Water
White Water is a non-licensed pinball machine with a primary objective of moving your raft down the river to "Wet Willy's" in order to get the "Vacation Jackpot." You move your raft down the river by shooting the flashing "Hazard" shots. Each time you complete a raft, the number of "Hazard" shots that you must hit to successfully complete the next raft increases. Successfully completing rafts and the ensuing "Wet Willy's" enables the player to attempt the collection of the "Vacation Jackpot." 

Dirty Harry 
Dirty Harry is both a movie icon and pinball machine. Start your game with his famous .44 Magnum ball launcher and you'll feel lucky when you get to use it again to shoot the moving gun on the playfield. 

Cirqus Voltaire
Cirqus Voltaire is full of unique features, including a disappearing pop bumper, a large plastic-trapped ball, and animated taunting ringmaster. This is one of only two machines to have the dot matrix score display mounted on the playfield instead of the backbox.

Monster Bash 
Monster Bash originally debuted in 1998 and brings together all of the classic movie monsters to form the greatest rock band of all time in a surprisingly fun way. It is ranked #3 on the list of the most popular pinball machines of all time!

Avatar takes you back inside Pandora and the world of Na'vi! Several multiball modes add to the excitement, including the animated Amp Suit as well as three different types within Link Multiball.

AC/DC players are able to choose their favorite AC/DC song during play with each tune providing unique bonus features. It is ranked #11 on the list of the most popular pinball machines of all time. 

Houdini's large LCD screen and extensive programming provide numerous challenges centered around Houdini's famous illusions. Magnets under the playfield also provide unpredictable ball movement!

The Regent Arcade has 1 tabletop multicade and 1 stand up multicade each consisting of over 60 games including classics like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, and Galaga!
If 60 games isn't enough for you we have repurposed a Tekken cabinet to play many other classics such as Tekken itself, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and much more!

The Regent Arcade also houses 3 classic gaming consoles that can be rented for 30 minutes at a time! Race through worlds as Sonic the Hedgehog on the Sega Genesis, jump your way to save Princess Peach as Mario on the classic NES, and hop around the world as Frogger on the Atari Flashback. There are many more games to play!

Still curious about some of our games? Stop in and play!  

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